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Come to “DOT DAY” and support the Slocan Valley Rail Trail

Want to support the Slocan valley Rail Trail? This year Dot Day is Saturday, April 6th 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Winlaw Hall. “Dot Day” is the Slocan Valley version of the Columbia Basin Trust’s COMMUNITY INITIATIVE PROGRAM. Funds from the Trust are given to affected areas of the RDCK, which the community decides how to distribute.
This year we have asked for support to have the Rail Trail get a thorough brushing next fall. While we manage to keep the Rail Trail open and usable, there is always vegetation creeping in from the sides. Every few years, we need to get a larger machine to widen out the sides to help keep the Rail Trail open and enjoyable.
If you live in Area H of the RDCK, which covers from the South Slocan junction to Hills, you are invited to attend. You’ll be given four dots. Every group who has applied to receive some level of funding from the program, will have their application on display. You, as residents, get to decide where the funds should go.
Please check them all out. There are many worth projects and causes that need support. All we ask is that you give some of that support to us. Thanks. We hope to see you there.