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Current Trail Conditions

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Report any dangerous situations on the Contact Us page – or call 1-888-683-7878. Please remember that the Rail Trail depends on donations from trail users for regular maintenance and grooming. Please consider making a donation or becoming a member today.

2017 Summer

June 12 – Trail has been mowed Winlaw to Slocan Lake in the past few days. Hoping to get lower valley mowed soon. There is a sluff on the Trail below the Golf Course. It is advised that people walk through this stretch.

2016/2017 Winter Season

March 28th – Rail Trail is sluffing below the golf course and we are unsure if it has stopped moving yet. Please refrain from using this area for the time being.

TRAIL CLOSURE Wed. March 22nd– 1 km North of Passmore. We have a flooding issue taking place on the Rail Trail. Highways will be sending in a backhoe to put in temporary drainage.Please avoid using this area. Signs will be posted and removed when the work is done. Additional updates will follow.

Thursday, March 16th – Dennis is out freshening up the Rail Trail today. He’s heading north from Winlaw and depending on conditions, may go to Perry’s Siding or possibly Slocan. This is the latest we’ve EVER groomed the Trail in our 10 years of grooming!

Thursday, March 9th – Trail was groomed and trackset Winlaw to Crescent Valley today. The entire Trail has been touched up in the past two days, in what might be the last groom of the season. Get out there and enjoy !

Wednesday, March 8th – Trail is being roomed and trackset Winlaw to Slocan Lake today. Fresh powder should help create a nice trackset.

Monday, March 6th – a section of the south end from Crescent Valley to north of Kosiancic Hill was groomed and trackset this morning. We’re using our alternate equipment to trackset, as there are still some repair issues with one of our groomer machines which will keep it out of action for the rest of the season.

Once again we’re sending out a plea for your financial support as this long winter has put a strain on our operating expenses. This can be done through our website or by using our donation boxes along the trail. Thanks to all of you who have helped along the way, your support is greatly appreciated.

Sat. March 4th – Trail was groomed and trackset winlaw to Passmore today. Cool temperatures tonight will help the track set up nicely. Enjoy, we’re getting to the end of the season….
Also, our groomer noticed that a large quad had driven along the Rail Trail between Slocan Park and Winlaw – probably in the last day or two, making grooming more difficult. If anyway has information on who is responsible, please message us and we’ll take it from there.

March 3rd – Trail was groomed and trackset Winlaw to Slocan yesterday. Some grooming may get done today as well. Enjoy it while you can!

March 1st – Machine issues have been an on-going  lately, but things are getting in working order again. Packing has recently been done in the lower valley, grooming and trackset done in the mid-valley. Now we’re into a wet snow cycle and are trying to groom as best we can. To us, any skiing in March is always a bonus, so will update as grooming happens.

February 23rd – Trail has been groomed up toSlocan today.

February 21st – Well, we’re back at it! Trail has been groomed and trackset Winlaw to Passmore today. The hope is we’ll be grooming north of Winlaw Thursday if the weather is right

February 19th – we had a report of a cougar dragging a deer down towards the Rail Trail in the Vallican Bluff area last night. This is the season when cougar will be foraging on the valley bottoms. Please use caution

February 16th – Both our snowmobiles have now been repaired. Just waiting for favourable weather before we attempt to do anything. The repairs were not cheap, so throwing in a reminder that donations are always appreciated.

February 12th – A big shout out to Brent, who sled packed the Rail Trail from Slocan to south of Winlaw this afternoon. This will make it easier for walkers and skiers alike while our machines are out of action. Sled packing will take place Monday between Winlaw and Passmore. South of Passmore was groomed and some trackset laid down before our machine died. With mild weather ahead, we may be nearing the end of our grooming season.

Feb. 11th update – Both our snowmobiles are now out of action. This means we are unable to groom the Rail Trail until something gets repaired. Some areas do have defined ski trail, just from local use. Passmore north isn’t too bad. From Slocan south to the Big Bench is well used. Please let us know if things are useable in other areas. Will keep everyone posted..

February 11th – trying to complete grooming the south end today. FYI – there may be several snowmobiles doing an organized pack of the Rail Trail from Slocan to Winlaw this afternoon. This will greatly improve the trail base and quicken the timeframe for grooming and tracksetting Sunday.

February 8th – Trail has been groomed and trackset from Slocan To Passmore in the past two days. Snow if predicted for this evening, but we are planning to start working from Passmore to Crescent Valley on Thursday.

February 5th – Snow, snow,snow! We’re trying to groom Winlaw To Slocan today, but with another dump of snow expected tonight it won’t last long. Still have only one sled, so things will take awhile. Probably not down to the south end until Tuesday. You may see a sled or two out there on Monday or Tuesday, but they will be ‘prepacking’ to make things easier for the groomer

January 30th – The entire Rail Trail has been recently groomed and trackset. with cooler temperatures and no snow in the forecast, you can expect a fast ski with clear skis!

January 27th – Entire trail was finally groomed about 5 days ago. Today we are beginning to freshen up the Trail again. Passmore to Crescent Valley is getting done today, Slocan to Winlaw is scheduled for Saturday. Conditions have generally been good and the skiing fast.

January 19th – Heavy, wet snow has made it impossible for us to groom and trackset the Rail Trail. We are in a standby mode until the weather gets cooler. Also, the warm weather has brought down some trees, which we have to deal with. Should you be walking on the Trail and encounter an obstruction, please email or call us so we can deal with the problem.

January 13th – Preparations are underway for our Day on the Trail Sunday at the Winlaw station from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Today we ran our grader (which churns up, levels amd then smooths the snow) between Passmore and Perrys Siding and grooming/tracksetting will take place on Saturday. The Crescent Valley area was also touched up today.

January 10th – Trail was groomed and trackset Winlaw to Slocan today. A few trees had to be removed along the way, but skiing should be fine. Remember there’s a full moon Thursday and nothing says winter like a full moon ski on the Rail Trail!

January 9th – With the fresh snow a fresh round of grooming is underway. Today we groomed and trackset Winlaw to Crescent Valley. Tuesday the plan is to groom and trackset from Winlaw to Slocan Lake. Cold temperatures have made for some fast skiing out there

January 2nd – In spite of temperatures that were -18 this morning when the crew started, we groomed and trackset Winlaw to Slocan Lake. Lots of folks out using the Rail Trail today. What a great way to finish off the winter holiday break.

January 1st – Happy New Year! Today Crescent Valley to Passmore was groomed and trackset by David and Glenda. North valley was last groomed on Dec. 30th and will probably get groomed again on January 2nd.

Dec. 28th – Dennis groomed Winlaw to Slocan Lake today. Great weather conditions. Trackset should set up nicely. Get out and enjoy!

Dec. 27th – Lots of snow has to get compacted before we can start setting track, so you may see snowmobiles running back and forth on the Rail Trail today. There may be some track done by this afternoon. We’ll keep the site updated. Please remember this is all volunteer effort and there are expenses. Take advantage of our donation boxes along the Trail or visit the link on this website to help us out. Thanks

GROOMING UPDATE DEC. 24TH – Except for the Winlaw to Passmore stretch, the Rail Trail was groomed and trackset today from Crescent Valley to Slocan Lake. The rest of the Trail will be getting done tomorrow – yes tomorrow. So if you see a Santa on a snowmobile setting track, he’s one of ours! Merry Christmas to you all!

Dec. 23rd – Heavy snow all along the Rail Trail today. Crews are hoping to get out on Saturday and spruce things up for the holidays.

Dec. 21st – Grooming and tracksetting was done today from Passmore to Crescent Valley in good conditions. Segments have been double tracked, so make sure you take a friend out to experience a ski on the Rail Trail. Also trail was compacted from Winlaw to Slocan Lake, but our tracksetter wasn’t working so no track was set on this segment

Dec. 19th – Winlaw to Perrys Siding was groomed and trackset today. Still need more snow for a better trackset, but we’re getting there!

Dec. 11th – Starting to get some snow, but not enough to start grooming. We’ll keep updating this site as the snow accumulates.

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