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The Slocan Valley Rail Trail is a multi-use trail that is popular year-round. We ask users to follow these simple rules of etiquette so that the trail can be enjoyed by everyone.

1. Remain on the Trail – Most of the Rail Trail is bordered by private property and trail users are expected to respect that and not trespass.

2. Keep Pets Under Control. Dogs should not be wandering onto private property, and as the pet owner you are responsible for any damage they inflict.

3. Clean Up After Your Pets. Whether it is your dog or horse, the owner is responsible for clearing their droppings off the tread surface of the rail trail during all seasons. The right-of-way is generally 25 to 35 m wide so there’s plenty of room to do this.

4. YIELD THE TRAIL – Yielding means to slow down and make sure other users are aware you are there. Cyclists should give way to walkers and everyone must give way to horses. Never come up behind anyone without announcing your presence.

5. Leave No Trace – This trail belongs to the community. Please recognize it as a community asset and leave no garbage.

6. Plan Ahead – Every trailhead has a kiosk with a map of the trail, so you know where you’re going. Make sure to be dressed for the weather, take refreshment as needed.

7. Help Us Maintain the TrailContact the Trail Stewards should you find debris blocking the trail. It’s not uncommon for a tree to fall after high winds. Phone 1-888-683-SVRT to report problems.

8. Winter Trail Use – The trail is groomed and trackset by volunteers. The trackset if for skiers ONLY. The rest of the trail is for walking, snowshoeing, skate skiing, winter bikes. Also during the winter months we ask that horses and riders refrain from using the Rail Trail. Horse hoof imprints have created havoc when grooming and can make the Trail unusable and a risk in certain conditions.

Never forget, that besides being a recreational corridor for human enjoyment, the Rail Trail is also a wildlife corridor. During the year you may see rabbits, skunks, snakes, raccoons, turtles, deer, elk, moose, bear and cougars as well as a variety of birds frequenting the area. Please use caution and respect for all wildlife.