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We’ve now completed two segments of our Trail resurfacing program. The latest 1.1 km we’ve done is between Berekoff and Katelnikoff Roads. It looks and rides great. The next segment will be at the Vallican Bluff area, about for km north of Passmore. This work will begin Monday, June 26th.


We’re resurfacing the area between Nixon and Katalnikoff Road in Appledale over the next few days. Please use caution and make sure the crew now’s you’re there.


May 23rd UPDATE – Trail resurfacing has begun at the Winlaw Bridge headed north. We will be redoing about a 2 km stretch of trail that has a (in spots) thick vegetative mat, which is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with in the summer months. We ask folks to refrain from using the area while the crew is working. FYI – WE WILL BE RESURFACING SEVERAL AREAS OF THE RAIL TRAIL IN THE WEEKS AHEAD

We changed our Name!

In the spring of 2022, the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society, formally asked it’s membership to change the name of our Society to the Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society. The motion was accepted.

To Clarify recent discussions on our dog guidelines:

Feb. 18,2022. The Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society manages the Rail Trail in partnership with Rec Sites and Trails BC, under the Ministry of Environment. The Rail Trail is wholly owned by the Province and does not cross private property. The guidelines on our website’s Etiquette Page are based on the provincial regulations on the use of Crown Land and recreational trails. The important ones to note are:1. Dogs must always be under control on recreational trails. (RSTBC Regulations)2. Dogs cannot chase wildlife on Crown Land. (Section 78-79 of the Wildlife Act)3. Dogs cannot stray onto private property. (Trespass Act)Our Trail Etiquette Page has essentially been the same for the past 15 years. Last year we put up new signage to replace the 12-year-old signs. With increasing use of the Trail, we clarified the guideline from saying “Control your pets at all times” which was too vague, to “Leash up when meeting others so people feel safe”. Leashing your dog is not mandatory if you have a well-trained dog that obeys your callback when meeting others on the trail.We have no enforcement ability. In the case of serious dog issues, we encourage you to contact the RCMP and to please let us know as we monitor these complaints. Only the person who had the serious encounter can file this complaint. The Rail Trail connects us all and we want everyone to feel safe to enjoy it.

Long Term Planning Feedback

As part of our long term planning, the Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society is interested in Trail users feedback.

Please read and respond to the following three questions by February 8th

  1. What aspect of the trail is most important to you and that you want to see continue?
  2. What would be the one or two changes or improvements that you would like to see?
  3. Would you be interested in getting involved as a volunteer for the Slocan Valley Rail Please email your responses to: by February 8th

Thanks for your support


Beginning Sept. 13th, we will be resurfacing two segments of the Rail Trail. The work may take up to a week to complete and will happen in two locations. The first location will be aprox. 1.5 km north of the Perrys Siding Trailhead. The second will be aprox. 4 km north of the Passmore Trailhead. Warning signage will be in place. The Trail will remain open, but users must use caution and make sure the crew that is working is aware of their desire to pass. Thanks for your understanding.


The Annual General Meeting of the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society is being held Wed. June 16th, 2022 at 7 p.m. at the Slocan Park Hall. All members welcome. Is your membership up to date? It’s not too late to join. Look for the Membership Page on this website and join us in the fun!


The Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society (SVRTS) has introduced a new feature for users of the 50 km long Slocan Valley Rail Trail. The “Lend-A-Leash’ program is intended to help ensure that dog owners have a leash available when they take their pet for a stroll on the Rail Trail. At three locations there will be a supply of leashes available to borrow and be returned when done.

The idea was brought to the Board when they were discussing dogs on the trail. With increasing usage of the Rail Trail, the SVRTS has been receiving feedback from some trail users who have felt threatened by uncontrolled dogs. 

The  Society’s policy is that dog owners must control their pets when approaching others. “Your dog may be quite friendly, but not everyone is comfortable with dogs says Helene Dostaler, SVRTS Chair . “We have introduced this program to make it easier for everyone to have an enjoyable experience on our Rail Trail and to help reduce confrontational situations.”

The program is the first of its kind in Canada. A similar program has successfully been in place since 2014 in Bozeman, Montana.

To compliment the “Lend-a-Leash” program, the Society has posted new signage along the Trail to remind users about proper dog behaviour. Besides leashing up when meeting others, dog owners must ensure that their pets don’t stray onto adjoining private property. They are also being reminded to clean up after their pets. 

The Slocan Valley Rail Trail Society has been instrumental in creating and managing the Slocan Valley Rail Trail since 2001, in partnership with the provincial government.  For more information on the Society visit their Facebook page or their . website


This year the annual Winter Fun Day on the Trail returns and will be taking place at the Winlaw Station of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail on Sunday, January 30th from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Come for a ski, snowshoe or just go for a walk. The Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society (SVHTS)will be partnering with the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL), who will be offering a children’s Storywalk featuring local author Kathy Sager’s book Mother Reindeer’s Journey to the Sun. Slocan Valley Recreation will be there as well with skis and snowshoes available, for those who may require equipment.

Like past years, two of the popular ski waxing stations will be set up and for a minimum $20 donation, you can get your skis waxed up for the rest of the season. Be patient though, as it can be quite busy. There will be ski lessons available for those wanting to get some tips on how to cross-country ski.

Of course, everyone is invited to come out and explore the Rail Trail and see what winter has to offer this year. The swans have been seen all along the Slocan River and you might find a few hanging around. There’ll be a bonfire going at the fundraising event and refreshments and treats will be on sale. It’ll be a great time to catch up on what’s been happening on the Rail Trail and what the future brings. Memberships will be available if you wish to support the Rail Trail. All proceeds of the day will go towards maintaining the Slocan Valley Rail Trail. We ask that those in attendance respect social distancing.

The Winlaw Trailhead can be reached from Highway 6 in the Slocan Valley by turning onto the Winlaw Bridge Rd in downtown Winlaw. Watch for the large directional Winlaw Trailhead signs located on the highway. If requiring more information you can contact the SVHTS at 1-888-683-SVRT , by email at