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Fibre Optic Backbone Project UPDATE

The crew ended their week at Pedro Creek and will continue on to Winlaw and points north beginning on Monday. The crew only works on the Rail Trail during the week.
Trails users are encouraged to avoid travelling in this area and to obey all posted signage.

This Connecting BC project is funded by local governments, the Province of BC and Columbia Basin Trust. The work is being done by the Columbia Basin Broadband Corporation


NOTICE OF WORK: Week of May 25
Crews and equipment will be installing conduit and cable vaults in the following locations:
The Slocan Valley Rail Trail junction at Slocan Rd South Trail and Harold Street (approximately 200m work zone)
The paved portion of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail between South Slocan Village Road and Frog Peak Café (approximately 4km work zone)
Trails users are encouraged to avoid travelling in these areas and should obey all posted signage. No work will be occurring over the long weekend.
Construction of the Slocan Valley Fibre Optic Backbone project is taking place this summer on the rail trail from the Playmor Junction to the Village of Slocan. The work is being performed by a direction drill and vibratory plow that will bury conduit within the rail trail corridor. Every Friday the contractor will be providing us with a post on the construction schedule for the coming week and advise which sections of the trail will be impacted.

This Connecting BC project is funded by local governments, the Province of BC and Columbia Basin Trust.


MAY 13TH UPDATE – Do you have a waterline, cable or other piping that goes under the Slocan Valley Rail Trail? The Columbia Basin Broadband Corp. will be beginning the process of laying the fibre-optic line along the Rail Trail shortly.
Right now they are trying to identify all the locations where they potentially may come across a line. They will be digging a narrow trench 18″ deep. Most lines are deeper than that and it won’t be an issue. They will be reaching out to adjoining landowners, but we want to make sure no one is missed and that there are no surprises for anyone! If you think you fall into this category, please PM us. Do NOT post your details on this post, thanks.
The process of cable installation may take up to two months. Initially they may be hopping all over the place, prepping sites to link cable segment before they drop in the line.
We are hoping disruption will be minimal, but there may be brief periods when the Trail will be closed to traffic.
We will be trying our best to keep this FB page and our website up to date. Thanks for your understanding

Culvert Repair week of April 6th

WORK ON THE RAIL TRAIL – Starting Tuesday, April 6th,we’ll be repairing the culvert just north of Lemon Creek. This may take three days to complete. The Trail will be closed for part of the time. Watch for signs please.

Support needed for Rail Trail Project

It’s that time of the year again when we ask for your support for a project we hope to do on the Slocan Valley Rail Trail. Click on this link to the Community Initiative Program of the Columbia Basin Trust and follow the instructions. The Community Engagement period is from March 29th to April 9th. This means you can offer your thoughts on the applications.
This year, we’re looking for funding to help us once again remove trees that are starting to encroach along the Rail Trail. It’s a process we go through every several years. We need to do this to allow snow to reach the tread surface of the Trail and not be blockout by the bows on coniferous trees. This helps us to groom and trackset the Trail for the winter months – a period which many of us enjoy.
You’ll find our application primarily in Area H, but we are asking for help from the surrounding RDCK Area’s E, I & F as well. All the applications are listed alphabetically, so you’ll have to scroll down a long way to find it. Please take the time to help us, thanks.
You’ll find many worthy groups looking for funding support for some great ideas. Take the time to offer your thoughts on as many of these applications as you wish. You can find a link to this program through the RDCK website


WORK ON THE RAIL TRAIL – WEEK OF MARCH 21ST – We will be doing a culvert repair south of Slocan Park on Monday or Tuesday. A second repair will be happening north of Lemon Creek between Wednesday and Friday. Heavy equipment will be working on the Trail and it may be impassable. Use caution. There will be warning sign posted around the work sites. Thanks for your understanding

Tree marking on Rail Trail explained

You may have noticed that orange dots and flagging tape have shown up at four locations along the Slocan Valley Rail Trail. It’s that time again when the trees alongside the tread path are getting overgrown and need attention. Every few years we have to tackle the sections that have become worse. Fortunately most of our Trail doesn’t have this vegetation problem, but some areas do and that’s where we’re we’ll be focusing.
Why do we need to thin and prune these trees? As the coniferous trees grow, the canopy of their branches increasingly prevents snow from reaching the Rail Trail. This creates tree wells and bare patches that make it hard on our equipment and hard on trail users’ gear as well. If we want a recreational trail that folks can continue to enjoy year round, this becomes part of our maintenance.
This past winter, the minimal amount of snow our volunteers had to work with really highlighted the problem. How often would you be skiing from side to side on a section of the trail to stay in snow? The plus side is that as the snow melted, it has allowed us to note which trees are preventing the snow from falling on the trail, and we have marked them. What we do now will improve the Trail for the next several years.
That said, we are very conscious that some trees are in sensitive areas and we have to be creative in our approach. This Trail belongs to this community and we are all members of this community. We want to keep it beautiful.
Will all the trees marked be removed? We don’t know. Some are marked so we know they need to be dealt with. We’ve been pruning with pole saws for the past couple of years and now some of those trees are too tall; we have few choices left. Depending on funding we’re hoping to do this work sometime over the late summer or early fall. We’ll keep everyone posted on what’s happening. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Art on The Trail

Art on the Rails! – The work of 20 Slocan Valley artists has now been installed along the Slocan Valley Rail Trail, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The artwork has been place close to Crescent Valley, Passmore, Winlaw and Slocan (Gravle Pit Rd) trailheads. Each location has five pieces within easy walking distance of the trailhead and will be there until mid-March. At the Crescent Valley Trailhead you’ll be greeted by two large-than-life snow sculptured swans made by world-famous sculptors Carl and Simone Schlichting. Also further north on the Trail you’ll find an ice sculpture created by Peter Vogelaar.

Winter 2020/2021 Update

December 2, 2020 – We’re just waiting for the snow to arrive so we can start grooming the Rail Trail for all those skiers, snowshoers and walkers out there. We update our Trail Conditions page to let folks know where the latest grooming was done.

We’ve done a fair amount of brushing over the past several months. Thanks to the volunteers who came along to be part of the fun. Should make things easier when using the Rail Trail.

There are a couple or Trail work events that may be happening shortly. One is the Trail may be getting the side brush more thoroughly cut back in the next week or so (if weather allows). This means you may come across a large mowing machine so please use caution. The other event which may happen (hopefully in March) is that several culverts will be getting replaced at various locations along the Rail Trail. We’re hoping it happens in March, because our ski season is usually winding down by then.

Thanks for coming out and enjoying our Trail. Please remember we are all volunteers and rely on donations to cover many of the expenses associated with our winter grooming program. There are donation boxes near every Trailhead, or you can take advantage of the Pay Pal link on this website.


AUGUST 29TH – In the past week, we’ve resurfaced two short segments of the Trail north of Winlaw as well as rebuilt our Lemon Creek parking lot. While the material seems soft, what it is lacking is moisture to get it to set up. We’ve driven back and forth on the two segments north of Winlaw to help create a firmer lane. Our limited funds would not allow us to hire a water truck and compactor so until we get some rain, we’re asking for your understanding and to use caution in those segments. Thanks.