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Between Crescent Valley and Slocan Lake there are seven bridges crossing the Slocan River.

The bridges are a great connection from the SVRT if you want to expand your ride. Each offers a chance to explore more of the riches of the Slocan Valley. Here are some additional details on the side trips the bridges can take you on.

Crescent Valley Bridge

The southernmost bridge on the Slocan River connects to what is called the Krestova Loop. A 7.7 km ride with some modest elevation gain. It offers panoramic mountain views in its quiet isolation above the Slocan Valley

Slocan Park Bridge

At the north end of the community of Slocan Park, the Slocan Park Bridge crosses over the Slocan River. Riding south, there’s a gentle, quiet  5km dirt backroad, which parallels the Slocan River. It’s a one-way ride only but offers many locations to stop for a swim, have a snack and enjoy the Slocan River for another viepoint

Passmore Bridge

This bridge can be used for two different dramatic rides and is near our Passmore Trailhead. One ride to take is the 30km loop Slocan River Backroad on the west side of the Slocan River, which can be exited at either the Winlaw or Perry’s Siding Bridge and looped back on the rail trail. You turn right immediately after crossing the Slocan River to access this ride. This route offers a paved backroad along its entire length. Another, more adventurous ride takes you back along the Little Slocan River Forestry Road which comes out at the Village of Slocan – a 65 km loop. This route parallels Valhalla Park at its northern end. After crossing the Passmore Bridge stay on the main road, which heads up the hillside after approx. 150 meters. The road winds up a hill, eventually turns to gravel and then divides into the logging access for TFL3. This can be an active logging road in season, so be prepared. It also has a lot of up and downs and will get the heart beating!

Winlaw Bridge

Near our Winlaw Trailhead, the Winlaw Bridge can be accessed to cross and go either north or south on the Slocan River backroad.  A shorter loop that’s approx. 15km in either direction. Half the ride will be on a paved backroad and the rest will be on the Rail Trail. Beautiful rolling scenic vistas are offered along the northern ride and quiet privacy along the southern loop.

Perrys Siding Bridge

Near our Perrys Siding Trailhead, this loop will take you back south  to the Winlaw Bridge and return access via the Rail Trail. Gentle up and down hills on the backroad offer quaint rural vistas of mountains and active farming.

Slocan Bridges

There are bridges at either end of the Village of Slocan. An easy walk or ride should you wish to park at the Slocan Lake trail head. The northern bridge of the two is also the gateway for hiking into the Valhalla Provincial Park. The southern bridge connects to a Forestry Service Rd the runs all the way to our Passmore Trailhead. Along the way there are side roads that also lead into a popular hiking route of the Valhalla Park into Mulvey Basin and the Drinnon Lakes.