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Art on The Trail

Art on the Rails! – The work of 20 Slocan Valley artists has now been installed along the Slocan Valley Rail Trail, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The artwork has been place close to Crescent Valley, Passmore, Winlaw and Slocan (Gravle Pit Rd) trailheads. Each location has five pieces within easy walking distance of the trailhead and will be there until mid-March. At the Crescent Valley Trailhead you’ll be greeted by two large-than-life snow sculptured swans made by world-famous sculptors Carl and Simone Schlichting. Also further north on the Trail you’ll find an ice sculpture created by Peter Vogelaar.

Winter 2020/2021 Update

December 2, 2020 – We’re just waiting for the snow to arrive so we can start grooming the Rail Trail for all those skiers, snowshoers and walkers out there. We update our Trail Conditions page to let folks know where the latest grooming was done.

We’ve done a fair amount of brushing over the past several months. Thanks to the volunteers who came along to be part of the fun. Should make things easier when using the Rail Trail.

There are a couple or Trail work events that may be happening shortly. One is the Trail may be getting the side brush more thoroughly cut back in the next week or so (if weather allows). This means you may come across a large mowing machine so please use caution. The other event which may happen (hopefully in March) is that several culverts will be getting replaced at various locations along the Rail Trail. We’re hoping it happens in March, because our ski season is usually winding down by then.

Thanks for coming out and enjoying our Trail. Please remember we are all volunteers and rely on donations to cover many of the expenses associated with our winter grooming program. There are donation boxes near every Trailhead, or you can take advantage of the Pay Pal link on this website.


AUGUST 29TH – In the past week, we’ve resurfaced two short segments of the Trail north of Winlaw as well as rebuilt our Lemon Creek parking lot. While the material seems soft, what it is lacking is moisture to get it to set up. We’ve driven back and forth on the two segments north of Winlaw to help create a firmer lane. Our limited funds would not allow us to hire a water truck and compactor so until we get some rain, we’re asking for your understanding and to use caution in those segments. Thanks.


Remember “Dot Day”? The community event that we at the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society relied on for your support from to help us get needed work done on the Slocan Valley Rail Trail. Because of the Covid challenges in our community, Columbia Basin Trust and the RDCK have created a tool for so folks can do what they did at Dot Day. Here’s the link:…/…/grants/columbia-basin-trust-cip-aap.html

It’s simple to use. You want to check out Area H (where we are located) and then look up the application for the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society(just scroll down). Hopefully you’ll then say ‘yes’. The comment section is very small. (60 words or less) so you can say a few nice words about us. It is open for comments up to and including May 11th
We are applying for $6,000 for the construction of a new outhouse in the south part of the Trail. Trust us – we know folks use them, and Trail volunteers maintain them.
Please share this online link and remind friends and neighbors to show their support support the Rail Trail. And while you’re at it, check out the other applications. You can offers feedback on more than one!
If you live in area H or the Village of Slocan, go to the RDCK online Engagement Tool and write a short comment supporting the Trail project for 2020. Thanks for your support!

Last Week to support non-motorized Trail use.

To: Rail Trail supporters:

The Province, with the help of a Trails Advisory Body, has issued a survey to Trail users to review trail strategies for BC.

We feel as the Board of Directors of the SVHTS, that it is very important for trail users to answer this survey and express their support for non-motorized trails specifically.

Many questions you will encounter are vague “feel good” statements of inclusivity and respect for different user groups. Very few questions deal with non-motorized trails or separate trails for different user groups.

We encourage you to pay special attention to comment sections where users can best express their opinions on the importance of non-motorized trails and separate trails for motorized recreation and industrial purposes.

Thank you for supporting our beautiful Slocan Valley Rail Trail.

Here is the survey link (deadline for submissions Feb.28):

Ski Day on the Rail Trail

On Sunday, January 19th we’ll be hosting our Annual Day on the Rail Trail from noon to 2:30 p,m at our Winlaw Station. Join us for a ski, get your ski waxed, pick up some ski tips. Enjoy some of Gary’s great vegy chili. There’ll be hot dogs and hot drinks and other refreshments and of course the company of friends around the fire. It’s a great time to catch up on what the year ahead looks like for the Rail Trail, and renew or get a membership in our Society.
We’ll be partnering again this year with Slocan Valley Recreation who will be bringing along skis and snowshoes so everyone can enjoy the afternoon.
This is a fundraising event for the Slocan Valley Rail Trail and we hope to see you all there. Drop us a message should you have any questions.

Repairs on Rail Trail

October 21st UPDATE – Several Trail repairs will be taking place in the next week to 10 days. Some of them may involve Trail closure at a couple of locations. In the next week or two the Rail Trail will also see some side brushing taking place along the full length. We’ll try to update this site as work progresses. Sorry for any inconvenience


On Sunday,September 29th beginning at 1:00 p.m. why not support the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society’s  (SVHTS) at this year’s Fall Colours Ride and Fundraiser? The event once again begins at the South Slocan Trailhead of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail and again the theme is ‘Anything with Wheels’ to highlight the unique 4 km paved section of trail.  ‘Wheels’ can be any non-motorized device including bicycles, trikes, roller blades, long boards, skate boards, push scooters, in-line skates, wheel chairs, baby-buggies, cross-training gear and of course walking and running will be okay. The ride will be from South Slocan to Crescent Valley and back, or as far as folks want to go.

The fundraiser once again features  support from the Dam Restaurant & Bar in South Slocan, who will be offering a Burger and Bevy special ticket, with a large portion of the funds coming back to support the volunteers who help keep the Slocan Valley Rail Trail an essential component of the community. Tickets will be available at the beginning of the Fall Colours Ride.  As well, a special surprise is being organized for kids at the Frog Peak Cafe where we hear sasquatches have recently been sighted!

There will be several fundraising raffle baskets on display at the Ride start, which entrants can buy tickets on (3 for $5). Everything from accommodation to meals to the work of local artisans to a wide range of area based services and goods are among some of the items that are being donated. Get your tickets at the beginning of the ride and buy a whole bunch to give yourself a better chance of winning! If you can’t make the event, you can always get tickets through the Rail Trail website or Facebook page and at the Dam Restaurant.  Also at the beginning of the Ride, memberships and ball caps will be available. Of course, donations are always welcome.

After the Ride everyone is invited to the Dam Restaurant to enjoy a burger and bevy where Sunday afternoons sees the  acoustic open stage where the skills of local musicians are highlighted.

So why not come out for a ride and experience the newest section of the Rail Trail? Bring the family and friends and enjoy one of the most scenic Rail Trails in the province. For more information call 1-888-683-7878 or email  or contact the Dam Restaurant.

Rail Trail Mowing

June 21st – it’s been a busy couple of weeks, but most of the Rail Trail has now gotten its first mow of the season. This is an on-going program and we’ll be out every few weeks as the weather determines.

It’s perfect cycling weather with interesting plants blossoming, all kinds of wildlife and waterfowl in abundance. It’s also baby season, so be aware that some protective parents may be around. The Rail Trail is a wildlife corridor so please be cautious.