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Ski Day on the Rail Trail

On Sunday, January 19th we’ll be hosting our Annual Day on the Rail Trail from noon to 2:30 p,m at our Winlaw Station. Join us for a ski, get your ski waxed, pick up some ski tips. Enjoy some of Gary’s great vegy chili. There’ll be hot dogs and hot drinks and other refreshments and of course the company of friends around the fire. It’s a great time to catch up on what the year ahead looks like for the Rail Trail, and renew or get a membership in our Society.
We’ll be partnering again this year with Slocan Valley Recreation who will be bringing along skis and snowshoes so everyone can enjoy the afternoon.
This is a fundraising event for the Slocan Valley Rail Trail and we hope to see you all there. Drop us a message should you have any questions.

Repairs on Rail Trail

October 21st UPDATE – Several Trail repairs will be taking place in the next week to 10 days. Some of them may involve Trail closure at a couple of locations. In the next week or two the Rail Trail will also see some side brushing taking place along the full length. We’ll try to update this site as work progresses. Sorry for any inconvenience


On Sunday,September 29th beginning at 1:00 p.m. why not support the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society’s  (SVHTS) at this year’s Fall Colours Ride and Fundraiser? The event once again begins at the South Slocan Trailhead of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail and again the theme is ‘Anything with Wheels’ to highlight the unique 4 km paved section of trail.  ‘Wheels’ can be any non-motorized device including bicycles, trikes, roller blades, long boards, skate boards, push scooters, in-line skates, wheel chairs, baby-buggies, cross-training gear and of course walking and running will be okay. The ride will be from South Slocan to Crescent Valley and back, or as far as folks want to go.

The fundraiser once again features  support from the Dam Restaurant & Bar in South Slocan, who will be offering a Burger and Bevy special ticket, with a large portion of the funds coming back to support the volunteers who help keep the Slocan Valley Rail Trail an essential component of the community. Tickets will be available at the beginning of the Fall Colours Ride.  As well, a special surprise is being organized for kids at the Frog Peak Cafe where we hear sasquatches have recently been sighted!

There will be several fundraising raffle baskets on display at the Ride start, which entrants can buy tickets on (3 for $5). Everything from accommodation to meals to the work of local artisans to a wide range of area based services and goods are among some of the items that are being donated. Get your tickets at the beginning of the ride and buy a whole bunch to give yourself a better chance of winning! If you can’t make the event, you can always get tickets through the Rail Trail website or Facebook page and at the Dam Restaurant.  Also at the beginning of the Ride, memberships and ball caps will be available. Of course, donations are always welcome.

After the Ride everyone is invited to the Dam Restaurant to enjoy a burger and bevy where Sunday afternoons sees the  acoustic open stage where the skills of local musicians are highlighted.

So why not come out for a ride and experience the newest section of the Rail Trail? Bring the family and friends and enjoy one of the most scenic Rail Trails in the province. For more information call 1-888-683-7878 or email  or contact the Dam Restaurant.

Rail Trail Mowing

June 21st – it’s been a busy couple of weeks, but most of the Rail Trail has now gotten its first mow of the season. This is an on-going program and we’ll be out every few weeks as the weather determines.

It’s perfect cycling weather with interesting plants blossoming, all kinds of wildlife and waterfowl in abundance. It’s also baby season, so be aware that some protective parents may be around. The Rail Trail is a wildlife corridor so please be cautious.


The Annual General Meeting of the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society will take place on Wednesday, May 29th at 7 p.m. at the Slocan Park Hall.

Come and join us to review the past year’s accomplishments and discuss what is shaping up to be an exciting coming year of projects on the Rail Trail!Daniel Scott, Trail Specialist from Recreation Sites and Trails will present the new Provincial eBike policy for use on Provincial Trails.  You can read the new policy here: Community input is needed to guide the implementation of this policy.Some of the highlights of 2018 include the construction of a new Station at Evin Rd, acquiring a new mower for trail brushing and our very successful Fall Colours Ride in October, a fundraiser with some of our corporate members.This past winter, helped by a new wave of trail groomers, the Rail Trail has again seen increasing use with skiers and walkers. One of the exciting upcoming changes this fall is the installation of a fibreoptic backbone by Columbia Basin Broadband that will utilize the Rail Trail as a corridor for their Valley installation.Come meet Trail Society members and discuss the management of our Slocan Valley Rail Trail and give input into future directions.

Provincial E-Bike Policy

Attached you’ll find a link to the new E-Bike Policy for Provincial Recreation Trails. Since Rec’ Sites and Trails BC is the owner of the property which the Slocan Valley Rail Trail is on, and we are Managers of the Rail Trail in partnership with them, it feel it is something those who enjoy our Trail should read up on.

Will it have an impact on the direction and usage of the Slocan Valley Rail Trail? While e-bikes have been used for several years on our Trail, the technology is changing rapidly. Will it affect our Trail in the future? There are new challenges every day with what we do. We’re asking folks to give the new policy a read and share your thoughts on how (or if) it will impact what we currently enjoy. Drop us an email if you have any thoughts on this.

Our annual AGM is coming up on Wednesday, May 29th at 7 p.m. at the Slocan Park Hall and there will be a discussion on this.




There’ll be a small cattle drive on the Rail Trail Thursday. The herd will be getting on the Trail at the Winlaw crossing and moving south for aprox. 3 km. The move will most likely be taking place in the afternoon. Please use caution

Come to “DOT DAY” and support the Slocan Valley Rail Trail

Want to support the Slocan valley Rail Trail? This year Dot Day is Saturday, April 6th 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the Winlaw Hall. “Dot Day” is the Slocan Valley version of the Columbia Basin Trust’s COMMUNITY INITIATIVE PROGRAM. Funds from the Trust are given to affected areas of the RDCK, which the community decides how to distribute.
This year we have asked for support to have the Rail Trail get a thorough brushing next fall. While we manage to keep the Rail Trail open and usable, there is always vegetation creeping in from the sides. Every few years, we need to get a larger machine to widen out the sides to help keep the Rail Trail open and enjoyable.
If you live in Area H of the RDCK, which covers from the South Slocan junction to Hills, you are invited to attend. You’ll be given four dots. Every group who has applied to receive some level of funding from the program, will have their application on display. You, as residents, get to decide where the funds should go.
Please check them all out. There are many worth projects and causes that need support. All we ask is that you give some of that support to us. Thanks. We hope to see you there.

Family Day on the Rail Trail – Monday, February 19th

This year the annual Winter Day on the Trail will be taking place on the Slocan Valley Rail Trail takes place on Family Day, Monday, February 18th from 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The crew from the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society (SVHTS)will be partnering this year with Slocan Valley Recreation to offer a fun-filled afternoon. The event   will be set  up at the Winlaw Station and Trailhead.  Like last year we  will be hosting the very popular ski waxing demo (even the newest skis can benefit). For a $15 donation they may even wax your skis! But come early, to make sure your skis get done.

Slocan Valley Recreation will be offering skis for kids and snowshoes for adults to use, should you not have them and want to be part of the Trail experience. There will be  individual and group lessons being offered that might make your skiing experience even better. Both in classic and skate skiing

Of course, everyone is invited to come out and explore the Rail Trail and see what winter has to offer this year. The swans have been seen all along the Slocan River and you might find a few hanging around.  There’ll be a bonfire going and refreshments, a hearty bowl of chili and hot dogs will be available. It’ll be a great time to catch up on what’s been happening on the Rail Trail and what the future brings. Memberships will be available if you wish to support the Rail Trail. All proceeds of the day will go towards maintaining the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.

The Winlaw Trailhead can be reached from Highway 6 in the Slocan Valley. Watch for the large directional signs located on the highway. If requiring more information you can contact the SVHTS at 1-888-683-SVRT, or Slocan Valley rec at 250-226-0008. We can be found on Facebook or on our  new website